Candle Care

Correct candle care prolongs the life of your candle and is designed for your own safety. It’s important to follow correct safety measures to prevent.

+ The first burn of your candle is the most important step for correct care. This first burn sets the tone for how the rest of your candle will burn by making a memory pool. You should burn your candle until the edges warm up all the way to the container, we recommend 1 hour, to prevent tunneling. For example, if you burn your candle for 15 minutes, it would only burn the wax around the wicks and not to the end of the jar leading to candle tunneling and ruining your candle.
+ Always trim your wick before a burn so that it’s ⅛” or 3mm above the top layer of wax. ⅛” or 3mm is approximately two quarters stacked on top of each other. This helps ensure the wax to melt evenly and reduce the risk of a fire, your candle jar overheating and potentially exploding.
+ We recommend using shears, wire cutters, toe nail cutters or cuticle trimmers to cut the wooden wicks.
+ Each of our candles have a metal safety cut off at the end of our wooden wicks to prevent the jars from overheating. This will leave approximately ¼” of wax at the bottom of your jars for your own safety. Please discontinue use of the candle once it reaches this point.
+ Never leave a burning candle unattended, always keep it within sight, place it on a heatproof and levelled surface, away from anything flammable, pets, and children.
+ Do not move your candle when burning as the jar and wax can be hot to touch.
+ Keep your candle on an even, stable and levelled heat resistant surface and away from edges to prevent a fall that will lead to hot wax being spilled.
+ Do not use your candle as a night light or leave it burning when you sleep, this is extremely dangerous.
+ Always extinguish your candle when you leave a room.
+ Follow the 2 foot rule - do not place a burning candle near clothing, books, curtains or anything flammable.
+ Keep the candle away from drafts, fans, ceiling fans or any air currents.
+ Our candles should not be burned for more than 2.5 hours at a time.
+ The dried flowers on top will most likely catch on fire if it is not covered with wax. Please be extra cautious and let it burn naturally. It will extinguish itself once the petal has burned.
+ Ensure your candle is lit in a well ventilated area as extra smoke can occur from the dried flowers burn.
+ The crystals will gently sink into the wax pool. You have the choice to extinguish your flame and pull your crystals once the wax is cool to touch but still soft. You can also let your candle finish, let your wax cool and remove the crystals. Wash the crystals with soap and hot water, pat dry, and clear it’s intentions once again.