What are my shipping options? 

We offer free local pickup within Edmonton or a flat rate shipping of CA $15 Within Canada. Shipping will take approximately 7-10 business days after your order is shipped and complete. Please visit our shipping policy for more info. 

We currently do not ship to any other countries.

How do I take care of my wooden wick?

Your wick should be trimmed to ⅛” above the wax, and you need to always trim as much charred wood on your wick prior to your burn. ⅛” or 3mm is approximately two quarters stacked on top of each other.

How do wooden wicks work compared to normal wicks? Why am I having trouble lighting up my candle?

They aren’t your typical cotton like wicks, the wax actually travels up your wooden wick, and this is what keeps your flame going. If it’s not trimmed,cleaned, and the right length, it’ll stop your wax from travelling up your wick.

What tips can help me light up my wick?

When lighting it, place your candle at an angle, and let the flame g upwards to light up the entire wick. This may take a few tries.

How can I trim my wooden wick?

You could use kitchen shears, wire cutters, toe nail cutters or cuticle trimmers. Please make sure you trim your wick prior to a burn, so that it’s easy to remove any debris.

Why does my candle look rough with “frosted” crystallization forms?

Since these soy wax candles do not contain additives, the surface of the wax may appear rough, frosted or slightly lumpy once it hardens. This is a typical characterization of natural soy wax candles and is purely cosmetic. It is not a product flaw and will not affect the scent or performance of your candle. 

Why is my candle tunneling? 

You should burn your candle until the edges warm up all the way to the container and then push the tunneled wax down into the wax pool until it all fully melts. This will help set the tone for how the rest of your candle will burn by making a memory pool. Just make sure that for all future burns that the wax should melt all the way to the container.

Why is there a ¼” of wax at the bottom of my candle?

Please discontinue use of the candle once it reaches this point. Each of our candles have a metal safety cut off at the end of our wooden wicks to prevent the jars from overheating. This will leave approximately ¼” of wax at the bottom of your jars for your own safety. 

When can I take my crystals out?

You could pick your crystals out from the top of the candle before your first burn. You also have the choice to enjoy them for longer with your candle. The crystals will gently sink into the wax pool. You have the choice to extinguish your flame and pull your crystals once the wax is cool to touch. but still soft. You can also let your candle finish, let your wax cool, and remove the crystals. Wash the crystals with soap and hot water, pat dry, and clear it’s intentions once again. 

Will some of the dried flowers catch on fire?

The dried flowers on top can catch on fire due it's natural properties and if it is not covered with wax. Please be extra cautious and let it burn naturally. It will extinguish itself once the petal has burned. It is very important that your candle is in a well ventilated area, attended to at all times and 2 feet away from anything flammable.

You could also use a fire resistant stick to quickly move the flower away from the wick.

The wax made a crystal or flower go against the wooden wick.

If the crystal or flower is against the wooden wick, it will greatly affect the amount of wax it will absorb and result in a dimly lit wick. Please use a fire resistant stick to quickly move the flower or crystal away from the wick. If your melt pool has reached the edge of the container, extinguish the candle and once the wax is cooler to touch, you can use a stick to remove the crystal or flower. 

Why is my wax getting dark?

This is normal, the soy wax will start to get darker in colour as your candle starts to burn, the charcoal from the wooden wick will go into the wax and discolour it over time. It is also a common property for soy to get darker as you continue to burn your candle.

Can I return or exchange my product?

At Kaizen Alchemy, all of our products are carefully crafted and inspected before they are shipped. Due to the nature of our products, used candles cannot be returned or refunded. However, we will replace or refund products damaged during shipment if photographed evidence of damage is submitted to Kaizen Alchemy within 1 day of delivery.

How can I set up a wholesale order?

Please email us at kaizen.alchemy@gmail.com or find us on Faire website https://faire.com/direct/kaizenalchemy